Bungee Rope Jumping in Madrid

Bungee Rope Jumping in MadridBungee Rope Jumping in Madrid. Bungee Rope Jumping with OLE OUTDOOR!
Get the adrenaline boost of a lifetime with Bungee Jumping Madrid! Get over the fence, stand on the ledge and…. Juuuuuuuump!!!
Bungee Jumping Madrid is one of the most adrenalinic practices that you will carry out in your life. Jumping into the empty ‘nothing’ from a bridge is a very extreme exercise of personal improvement with which to overcome our limits.
Bungee Jumping location is 1 hour approximately by car from Madrid city. The bridge, “the desire bridge” is the tallest private one in Europe; 45 meters above a river canyon.
Once you have arrived, you will receive a 20 minutes briefing including jumping instructions, safety procedure, equipment and gear, and time to fill the waiver form.
This activity is perfect to overcome your fears and limits! The personal satisfaction of overcoming the challenge is unique and increases your self-confidence. You dare?

Categoría: Actividades al aire libre.

Inicio en: Madrid, Spain.

Duración: 3 hours.

Precio: 132,00 euros.



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