Caving in Madrid National Park

Caving in Madrid National Park. Enjoy Caving in Madrid with OLE OUTDOOR. An underground adventure just 1 hour from Madrid city.
Caving (also known as speleology) is the exploration of natural underground passages, galleries and chambers pausing to admire the stunning views and formations of caves and pot holes.
As a sport, caving involves elements of other outdoor activities and is often considered a combination of rappelling/abseiling, hiking and, on occasion, crawling.This activity is suitable for adventureous people and is led by professionals guides so that participants can safely enjoy one of the most exciting activities in Madrid.
The Witch´s Cave tour includes a walking approach, a narrow entrance and a 30 meters steep descent that connects with three floors. During the activity we will explore dry and wet sections of the cave, tunnels, chambers with columns and wall formations.

Categoría: Actividades al aire libre.

Inicio en: Madrid, España.

Duración: 3 horas.

Precio: 113,50 euros.

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