Wine, Vermouth and Tapas tour in Madrid

Wine, Vermouth and Tapas tour in Madrid. Enjoy discovering a centenary route in central Madrid and the tradition of drinking Vermouth (Vermú), a fortified and aromatised wine, originally from Italy, arrived in Spain in 1838 through the Catalan city of Reus. Although there is a theory saying that its origins date back to the ancient Greece (you will learn the key facts during the tour).
We will visit 3 different taverns to try diverse kinds of Vermouths: the traditional style served on tap and a fancy modern style poured as a cocktail. Vermouth is back and very trendy nowadays here in España.
It displays a sweet-bitter taste along with some spices; the very specificity of each vermouth is the special blend of roots and plants of each winery (it is like a secret recipe).
We will also taste 3 Spanish wines to wrap up this fabulous tour. This is a walking tour taking part in Central Madrid where you will discover the history and stories behind the tradition of drinking Vermouth.

Categoría: Gastronomía, vino y vida nocturna.

Inicio en: Madrid, España.

Duración: 3 horas.

Precio: 80,42 euros.

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